5 Apps to improve productivity!

Time Tree is a Calendar App. It gives you the ability to have all of your events, meetings and work commitments colour coded which for me is perfect. It allows me to see what are shoots and what are meetings so i know what i need to have in my camera bag without having to check every individual appointment within the day. My favourite feature of this app is the ability to have multiple calendars that you can share with your team and keep up to date with everyone's availability and also your bookings as a team without having to make individual calls. With this being a free app, it's definitely worth the download over using your phone or tablets stock calendar app!

Freedom: I was a bit sceptical of this app when i first found out about it, The idea of locking myself out of certain apps and websites for periods of time throughout my work day to stop myself from procrastinating seemed a bit extreme. Non the less i thought i'd give it a go and it's really helped me when it comes to big edit and email days. 

You simply select the apps and websites you'd like to be free of distraction from, the duration and done.

Evernote is kind of a hybrid between a note taking app and word. Quite similar to most note taking apps but with a heap of extra features. You can scan written notes using your phone's camera and it automatically creates a digital version within the app and catalogues it. You have the ability to attach picture and video files to your notes as well as news and web clippings.

The combination of features within the basic package (free) give me the ability to keep visual and written ideas in one place to view for future reference and also to share these ideas or briefs with my team or clients. The app has device integration so i can view my notes on my Macbook, Phone or Tablet at any given time. 

If you upgrade to their paid packages you can unlock other features such as the ability to scan business cards straight into your phones contacts.

MailChimp is a mailing list app that is free... Providing your mailing list isn't too big. It's an app/website i've used in the past and is actually really useful for Brands or Spaces looking to keep people informed about upcoming deals, offers or to showcase upcoming events within your business.

User interface is easy to use, but i'd recommend using the web version for designing your news letters. 

I only recently discovered this app, but couldn't believe i hadn't looked for it in the past! Simply, It's a way to make sure your business information is correct within google when searched and it also helps you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)... Making sure you're in the first page of google when searching certain combinations of words relevant to you or your business. You can also run Ad's through google within the app and a whole host of other things.

My top 10 of 2016!!

So i thought to myself if i had to turn up to a meeting and they told me to bring a book with only 10 photos i'd taken last year to give them a representation of my best work and what they could expect if they hired me. The difference between getting a job or not. I thought i'd show you the 10 i decided on (Hypothetical situation but yeah, thought i'd do a little post on it)